Squeeze Baccarat is now available at SA Gaming

Squeeze Baccarat is now available at SA Gaming

SA Gaming (เอสเอ เกมมิ่ง), a leader of asian live casino industry and the rival of AE Sexy (เออี เซ็กซี่), has officially announced “Squeeze Baccarat (บาคาร่า)” landed on SA Gaming’s lobby, allowing players to squeeze their cards to enjoy an immersive experience.

SA’s Baccarat, the most popular game which is closely tailed by Dragon Tiger (เสือมังกร), is added “Squeeze” function which is different from most platforms, where only the players with the biggest bet on banker and player get to squeeze the cards.

In SA Gaming, all players can squeeze the card of their sides as long as they make bets/ As all players can now feel the joy of squeezing cards, which can lead to increased revenues, said SA.

“Squeeze Baccarat” is at Tables S11, S12, and S13. The game trial can be accessed at this link.

About SA Gaming (ประวัติ SA Gaming)

SA Gaming is an exceptional online entertainment platform provider in Asia. Making use of state-of-the-art technology, it offers a full spectrum of gaming products. Every product is developed by professionals with diligence, and comes with trustworthy support services. SA Gaming’s products are very popular among players around the world.

About AE Sexy (ประวัติ AE Sexy)

The AE Sexy Baccarat team has charged forward into the high-end bikini casino market. Backed by strong market resources and exclusive research and development technology, the dealers we have selected are sexy, supermodel class women from as far as America. We have spared no expense in creating million dollar studios that are highly true renditions of casinos.


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